Literature and IT Review.

MA Irish Writing and Film: Theories and Traditions Literature and IT Review. My MA thesis intends to argue that the prevalence of death in Marina Carr’s plays recognises the imposition of Ireland’s funerary tradition and crisis of soul loss in the form of stagnation and stasis, particularly highlighting, its detrimental impact on womanhood and motherhood … Continue reading Literature and IT Review.

To walk invisible

Doing an unscientific straw poll with a few people I hoped knew some well known current TV writers, I ascertained that the names Paul Abbot (Cracker, Shameless, Clocking off, State of play, No Offense) and Jimmy McGovern (Brookside, Cracker, The Street, Hillsborough) were, unsurprisingly, recognized. However the name Sally Wainwright was not. Interesting. Sally is … Continue reading To walk invisible