UCC Wikipedia Editathon

When I arrive at UCC one recurring message is ever present, DO NOT CITE WIKIPEDIA ON PAIN OF DEATH...or probably, in reality,  not a very good mark. Fast forward to undertaking a Masters.... I recall a conversation, regarding what the MA entailed, with a member of the English department who vaguely mentions a blog. Stupidly … Continue reading UCC Wikipedia Editathon

Reading Rebellion: Women, History, and Commemoration.

On the 16th November 2016, at University College Cork, Dr Heather Laird gave a research seminar paper, 'Reading Rebellion: Women, History, and Commemoration' which analysed RTE's flagship 1916 commemorative TV project, Rebellion. Dr Laird began by discussing some of the challenges history affords us, citing Ged Martin's work, 'Past Futures: The Impossible Necessity of History (University of … Continue reading Reading Rebellion: Women, History, and Commemoration.

To walk invisible

Doing an unscientific straw poll with a few people I hoped knew some well known current TV writers, I ascertained that the names Paul Abbot (Cracker, Shameless, Clocking off, State of play, No Offense) and Jimmy McGovern (Brookside, Cracker, The Street, Hillsborough) were, unsurprisingly, recognized. However the name Sally Wainwright was not. Interesting. Sally is … Continue reading To walk invisible