Trump Watch: Fake news….no really

Ah Kellyanne Conway, never ceases to disappoint. Obviously the Trump administration have decided to join the 'dishonest media' and invent their own 'fake news'. When you think about it, well it is a natural progression from 'alternative facts'. I am speechless. Is this what 'making America great again looks like'? Works cited. Conway, Kellyanne.  Fake … Continue reading Trump Watch: Fake news….no really

Trump Watch: A Fake News Special…..

So day one, in a 'post-truth' world, enter stage left, Mr Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary.... Clearly size matters to President Trump, hands, ties, number of people attending his inauguration, the number of illegal immigrants who voted for Hilary..... Sean Spicer, well in fairness, there are no 'real words' to describe his version of … Continue reading Trump Watch: A Fake News Special…..