A new beginning

On the 1st September I handed in my Master's thesis. It felt akin, according to my imagination, to being in a car traveling at breakneck speed and suddenly coming to an abrupt halt. It felt like a major, sudden full stop. It was finished, over, done, ended, finito. My life went from the all consuming … Continue reading A new beginning

Literary Review: Ireland The Autobiography

I received a number of books this Christmas the above being one. The book jacket states: Over the past hundred years, Ireland has undergone profound political, social and cultural changes. But one thing that has not changed is the Irish genius for observation and storytelling, invective and self-scrutiny. Ireland: The Autobiography draws upon this genius … Continue reading Literary Review: Ireland The Autobiography

Literary Review: “The Cambridge Companion to Modern Irish Culture”.

The Cambridge Guide to Modern Irish Culture. Edited by Joe Cleary and Claire Connolly. The companion states: it provides an authoritative introduction to the historical, social and stylistic complexities of modern Irish culture. Readers will be introduced to Irish studies in its widest sense and helped to find their way through the cultural and theoretical … Continue reading Literary Review: “The Cambridge Companion to Modern Irish Culture”.