There is another man in my life………….

I am coming clean, there is another man in my life. I just cannot avoid him, no matter what strategies I employ he is ever present. So I have decided instead of trying to avoid him, I am going to create a space for him in my life. So who is this man? It is ‘The Donald’, ‘the Trumpster’ himself, and the space I intend to create for him is right here. Now before you all rush to hit the ‘unfollow’ button, let me outline my cunning plan. A very short post will appear, every so often, under the title of ‘Trump Watch’. It will track ‘the Donald’s’ progress under one of his ‘policy’ headings, such as:

‘Build the wall’ -International relations/ immigration/foreign policy/illegals/minorities/race/Muslims, you get the drift.

‘Drain the swamp’ -the eradication of corruption/vested interests/conflict of interests in public life/fitness to office/improving the performance of the administration, that type of thing

‘Lock her up’ -Women generally.

‘Make America great again’  -employment/economy/environment/infrastructure etc

‘Fake News’ – public relations generally.

So lets kick ‘Trump Watch’ off with a ‘Drain the swamp’ progress report relating to questions of fitness to office.

Below is a very small, but alarming, moment from Betsy Devos’s appointment vetting interview, Trump’s pick for Education Secretary. The full horror of her three hour odd  interview is also provided for your delectation, if you can bear it, ha, ha, ha, no pun intended!!!!!!!   Oh by the way, in case you don’t know the gentleman asking the particular question, Sen. Christopher Murphy represents residents of  Sandy Hook. In 2012, a twenty year old, shot his mother, walked into Sandy Hook elementary school and fatally shot twenty, six and seven year old children, and six adult teachers before killing himself.

Believe me, this is not an easy watch, from a number of perspectives. Trump vowed to ‘drain the swamp’, a main part of which is to clear out the elite in Washington, to re-calibrate Washington. By appointing people like Betsy Devos who are outside of that elite, who have no political heritage or specialist expertise, means he is , in fact, delivering on his promise. Now Donald Trump is not unique in appointing people to his cabinet who have no specific or relevant expertise, we only have to look at our own government and that of our neighbors. So it remains to be seen whether lack of political heritage or specific expertise proves to be a problem in the U.S.A.

To say Betsy Devos was unprepared for this vetting, would be a gross understatement. Whether she did not have sufficient or any time or just couldn’t care less is unknown to me, combined with Democratic representatives out for their pound of flesh, and sensing within minutes her unpreparedness, they smelt blood and went for the jugular; not a particularly edifying sight. However allowing for any or all of those possibilities, the judgement or lack of symbolized in her ‘grizzly bear’ comment, and her staggeringly poor performance, is I fear a clear indication of what America can expect from Betsy Devos.

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